Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How to design trifold leaflets for print...

Trifold leaflets are one of our most popular products - we sell thousands of them each month to customers right across the country. They're useful for a really wide range of business customers; from camp sites to takeaways, accountants to boutiques... 

The down side? With every printer setting up their tri-folds slightly differently, designing them can be tricky! This guide will help you get your trifold leaflet artwork looking fabulous... if you choose to print with us of course!

Artwork size
First off, you'll need to set your artwork up at 303x216mm - this includes the 'bleed' of 3mm on all sides. Your final, printed and folded leaflets will be 297x210mm.

Trifold Leaflet Fold positions
To make sure your trifold leaflet folds properly, the 'flap' needs to be slightly shorter than the front and back panels. As such, we fold at 99mm and 99mm (the third panel is then 97mm). You need to remember the bleed though - so position your fold guides at 102mm and 201mm. Remember this is reversed on the inside, so your guidelines should be at 100mm and 199mm. It's usually less important for the inside because the viewer looks at the leaflet when it's fully open.

With trifold leaflets it's particularly difficult to get the alignment of the front flap right... As you're looking at it, you need to remember your artwork has bleed - so if you're designing using a platform like Photoshop, it's worth blocking out the bleed while you design your leaflets.

Saving your artwork
When you're happy with the design of your leaflet, save it as a PDF file. Don't forget to take off all the guidelines (if you've created marks on the actual artboard), and remove any blanked out areas if you've used them for alignment.

You can use a large file sending service like WeTransfer to send us your files - just email them to artwork@thelocalprintcompany.co.uk.


That's it - your quick, handy guide to designing trifold leaflets for print... Don't forget, we offer as much support as you need with your design - so feel free to send across any questions or 'work in progress' if you need any help. The studio team are always here to help.

Find out more and order online at http://www.thelocalprintcompany.co.uk

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