Thursday, 12 January 2017

What is coated paper?

If you're new to ordering printing you're likely to be bamboozled by the options available when trying to order the business cards, leaflets, or whatever other printing you're after. One of the terms you'll come across is 'coated paper'. This post will explain what coated paper is, and what the benefits are.

According to Wikipedia, coated paper is "paper which has been 'coated' by a compound or polymer to impact certain qualities to the paper". In simple terms, it's the opposite of 'uncoated paper' (like the paper you write letters on, or newspapers are printed on. It has a smoother finish which feels like it's 'coated' rather than pulpy, and the surface usually has more of a silk, or gloss finish.

Coated paper is frequently used for most printing - all sorts of leaflets, flyers, business cards etc. It's a cheaper stock than uncoated paper, and prints with a more vibrant, professional finish.
When we print on to uncoated paper the ink is absorbed quickly meaning the finish is clean and uniform.

It's unusual to print leaflets on uncoated paper (unless printing them at home), and uncoated stock is usually only used for flyers when the intention is a natural, eco feel. Most business cards are printed on coated stock (often with a matt laminate), again unless you're after a pulpy natural feel.

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