Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Making Uncoated Business Cards Look Rustic with Uncoated Card

We've written a couple of other posts about uncoated print stock recently, and today we're looking at how to use uncoated card stock to make rustic looking business cards.

Gone are the days of uncoated business cards being used solely as loyalty cards - today they're a seriously popular alternative with a growing trend towards hip, eco and natural looking businesses. Easily identifiable by their natural, pulpy feel, uncoated business cards are often used when businesses want to create the impression their business is environmentally friendly.

Things to watch out for

  • Ink doesn't sink in to uncoated card stock at the same rate it would for coated paper. This means your colours will end up looking more muted, and won't match items printed on coated stock. 
  • The grain in uncoated stock mean areas of solid colour doesn't always look consistent
  • If your business cards are printed digitally, using uncoated stock you'll still get a 'shine' from the toner - if your business card design covers the whole card this can hugely detract from the 'uncoated' appearance. 
Making business cards look more 'rustic'
  • If you're printing your business cards on uncoated stock, and want to achieve a super-natural look, you could print a background image of a very pulpy looking stock - take a look here for some free background images. This works particularly well if your cards are being printed litho.
  • Try and stick with fewer colours for your business cards, and keep the colour palette to more muted tones.
  • If eco-friendly is your thing, you could consider using a eco-style background image... Pop a nice background image of note pad lines, and go for a simple typewriter style font and your business cards will look literally recycled in no time!
Ready to order? If you're looking to order uncoated business cards, check out our range here. They start at just £60 for x1000, on a nice thick 400gsm stock.