Tuesday, 22 November 2016

What is uncoated / bond / pulp paper?

If you're ordering uncoated printing you'll probably come across names like uncoated, bond and pulp paper stock. If, like us, you're confused by what all these mean, read on.

Uncoated paper is a type of paper stock which doesn't have any coating. The easiest way to visualise it is to think of a thicker version of normal printer paper. It's a common finish for recycled stocks (think 'eco-friendly business cards'), and feels more natural to the touch.

Uncoated paper has a more 'fibrous' look, and colours appear more muted, because the ink sinks in more than it does on coated stocks. It's also referred to as bond (usually thinner stock used for letterheads and compliment slips), and 'pulp board' (usually used for uncoated flyers or business cards).

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